What is Eucharist adoration and why?

Eucharist adoration

Eucharistic Adoration is honoring and adoring the Eucharistic Existence of Christ, as simply understood by the name. If dug deeper then it comprises of the contemplation of Christ’s mystery that exhibits itself before the Christian community.

Therefore Eucharistic Adoration is the adoration of Christ who exists in the Holy Eucharist. Numerous churches that behold the adoration, the Eucharist is exhibited in a holder that is special; called a monstrance where people come to worship Jesus and pray consistently throughout the night and day. Throughout Eucharistic Adoration, Christians remain silent whilst they watch and wait and bare their souls to Jesus’s graces that pour out from the Eucharist.

They believe that by worshipping the Eucharistic Christ, they become that person that God wants them to be, gently transforming them as the Lord draws them closer. When it is in its full swing, Eucharistic Adoration is Man and God reaching out for each other, at the same time.

According to catholic belief, the Mass the Christians attend every week where the priest bestows his listeners with the words: “…He took bread and gave you thanks. He broke the bread, gave it to his disciples, and said: Take this all of you, and eat it: this is my body which will be given up for you“. And when the priest says “this my body”, it is that particular instant when through miraculous transformation, the wine and bread offered at the Holy Eucharist truly becomes the Soul, Body ,Divinity and Blood of Jesus, his true presence in the form of wine and bread.

Eucharist adoration

Why Eucharistic Adoration?

Eucharistic Adoration is a personal invitation from Jesus to people belonging to Christian community therefore the fellow Christians are greatly needed as Jesus waits for them to join the Sacrament of love. The Adoration helps in repairing evils all over the globe and bringing about peace in the worlds thus it is the center of life. It also helps a person in maturing spiritually with every minute spent in the Holy Eucharist and shows that nobody is as important to Jesus as you are to him. It is the best time a person spends on Earth with their Best friend, Jesus whilst attending the Blessed Sacrament.

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During Eucharistic Adoration, a person is never left disappointed, just as how you can never be exposed to the sun without receiving the rays likewise you can never leave the communion without being bathed in the Divine rays of Jesus’s peace, love, grace. It is through the bread that Jesus calls his fellow followers to faith whilst showcasing humility as he remains hidden in the Sacred Host and makes their hearts one with his after transforming mercy.

The Eucharistic Adoration is a fair reminder of the love Jesus showed the Christian community when he was crucified on the cross to pay the price of their sins and also provided them with eternal life showing the limitless love he has for his followers.

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