Virgin Mary

Why Catholics Pray To Virgin Mary?

Virgin MaryEvery single Christian denomination has its own set of customs and traditions and the Catholic Church is no different. One of these peculiar traditions which make Catholics distinct from all other Christian denominations is the practice of praying to Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.

Within Catholicism, there is a special recognition and acceptance of Marian prayers. These are prayers which are said either to or through Mary. Some of them are the ‘Hail Mary’, ‘Hail Holly Queen’, ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ and ‘The Magnificat’. Some of these prayers constitute parts of other longer prayers like ‘The Angelus’ and ‘The Rosary’. They are also frequently recited during the Eucharist otherwise known as Mass.

The place of the Blessed Virgin Mary is quite obvious in within the Church.  She is highly honored and revered even above the angels and saints. Catholics regard her as an intercessor who can plead with God on behalf of the world.

Catholics are questioned about this tradition of praying to Mary frequently. The reason for this practice can only be understood by re-examining the doctrines of the church and the bible. We will look at five reasons why Catholics pray to Virgin Mary below.Mama mary

  1. Mary conceived Jesus through the power of the Holy Ghost. She knew no man and was betrothed and not yet married to Joseph yet, she conceived the Savior of the world. (Luke 1 vs 26-38). Through the Immaculate Conception, Mary shared an experience with the Holy Spirit that no one else has experienced. Catholics consider this an enormous reason why Mary should be celebrated.

2. Catholics recognize that Virgin Mary’s role as the mother of Jesus was divinely orchestrated. It was predicted several years before the Savior was born and it was validated by the visit of Angel Gabriel who announced “Hail Mary, the Lord be with you. Blessed are you amongst women and blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus” (Luke 1 vs 28). This speech today is recited today as the first part of the Catholic ‘Hail Mary’ prayer.

3. The first miracle Christ performed on earth was at the request of his mother, Mary (John 2 vs 1 – 11). In honoring this request, Catholics believe that Christ showed us the elevated position Mary holds as a mother to be respected amongst Christians.

4. When Jesus was being crucified on the cross, he handed Mary over to his disciple John saying “Woman, behold thy son!” and to the disciple “Behold thy mother!” (John 19 vs 26 & 27). Catholics believe that this action by Christ was very significant in uplifting Mary to a very special place in the Church. If the Son of God himself could make arrangements for her whilst dying on the cross, then she has earned her veneration in the world.

5. Finally, the Bible says that “For it pleased the Father that in him (Jesus Christ) should all fullness dwell;” Colossians 1:9. In Isaiah 9:6 Jesus was referred to as ‘Mighty God’ amongst other names. Even apostle Thomas exclaimed “My Lord and my God!” when his doubt cleared after putting his fingers in Jesus’s pierced hands and side. Jesus was referred to directly and indirectly as God in several biblical verses. Because of this, Catholics recognize and admonish the Virgin Mary as the Mother of God.

There are several more reasons why Catholics pray to Mary but the five discussed here will help you understand the fundamental reasons why she is honored and referred to as the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Catholic Church.