Rediscovering Christianity: You Can Do It!


You can’t make God happy without faith. Let’s face it, it’s impossible! So, according to Hebrews 11:16, if you want to get to know God then you need to do two things: 1) believe that He exists, and 2) believe that He CARES to know you!

 Are you a Car or are you a Christian?

Growing up in the military I heard a lot of Chaplin’s come and go with the change of duty stations. I don’t remember which Chaplin said this, but it rediscovering Christianity has stuck with me for over twelve years now. When he was preaching a sermon on what it means to be a Christian he used this analogy:

Going to church and sitting in a pew doesn’t make you any more of a Christian than sitting in a garage makes you a car.

I don’t know why that stuck with me, but it did. Maybe it was the simplicity of the analogy that made it make so much sense.

Rediscovering Christianity wasn’t about simply going to church and sitting, listening ABOUT God. Rediscovering Christianity was about being in a relationship WITH God.

 God is always with us.

In Deuteronomy we are reminded that God is with us wherever we go. We are reminded of the relationship that God has with us and wants us to remember. In this story, Moses is passing on the job of leading Israel to Joshua. He is reminding Israel not to be afraid and to remember the relationship that they have with God. Reminding them that they are strong and brave with God on their side.

Similarly to Israel, we need to remember that rediscovering Christianity is to remember that God is with us and that we are strong and brave with God on our side.

Rediscovering Christianity is about knowing AND believing that God can change lives for Good.

 Believe in Him like He believes in YOU!

The other part of rediscovering Christianity, aside from believing that God exists and cares about us is to understand that a relationship with God is a lifestyle, not just a Sunday event.

Two verses come to mind when I approach this thought. The first one is Romans 12:2:

In short order this means don’t follow what the world is saying and doing, but rather be redefined by your belief in Christ.

The second verse that comes to mind is 2 Corinthians 5:17-18:

These two verses from 2 Corinthians explain that when you believe in Christ you are considered to be a new person. The old you flew out the window and the new you is here to stay!

In short, rediscovering Christianity isn’t about listening about God every Sunday. It’s about having a relationship with God.

 Surface Christians and 24/7 Christians: Which are you?

Another stian and a 24/7 Christian. Can you guess which one is more like sitting in the garage? That’s right the surface Christian.Now can you guess which one has rediscovered Christianity and is living in a relationship with God? Yup, the 24/7 Christian.

I challenge you to go out and spend time rediscovering Christianity for yourself. Work on your relationship with God and live as the 24/7 Christian.


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