Your New Life in Christ: the Saul to Paul Realization


If you’ve gone to church at some point in your life I’m sure you’ve heard the term “born again” or have been asked what finding new life in Christ means to you. . Born again… that sounds pretty strange and physically impossible.

Well, it may be physically impossible but it is very SPIRITUALLY possible.

 Saul + Christ = Paul

Just look at the story of Saul in Acts. Saul was a horrible man. He had plots to murder the disciples. While he was on his way to Damascus the Lord New life in Christreached out to him wanting to know why he was persecuting Him. Then, Saul was made blind for three days and, during that time, did not eat or drink anything. To shorten the story, Saul eventually became Paul and, after he was baptized, was given new life (or born again) in the name of Christ.

So, if God can change a murderous man, he can help you in finding what new life in Christ means. 

Understanding Redemption

Finding new life in Christ means two things. First, it means understanding what redemption is. This means understanding that God has already forgiven your sins. A popular verse to memorize with this is John 3:16. Here’s the quick version – Jesus came to earth and died so we can receive eternal life.

God gave his son, Jesus, to die on the cross to save us from our sins. That is the essential meaning of redemption.

 Understanding Forgiveness

Second, after the redemption and understanding that God has forgiven you of your sins, finding new life in Christ also means understanding that God has taken our sins away from us. Psalm 103:12 reassures us of this:

Our sins will never come back to us, just like you will never get two of the same magnetic fields to touch without an opposite.

 What Does a New Life in Christ Look Like?

After understanding how you receive your new life in Christ, you need to make sure that you are finding new life in Christ means.

Colossians 3 describes what living in Christ looks like. Verses 3:1-3 is a great introduction to living in Christ. It tells us that since we are now living for Christ we need to make sure our minds are focused on Him, not on things that will be left behind when we die.

 Ler Your New Life Begin!

God wants to give everyone new life. Yes, that means he wants your new life in Christ to start now. He wants to help you in finding what new life in Christ means. Some people are afraid to approach Him with their past transgressions but don’t be. He already knows what you did, He knows where you’re coming from and guess what..

He still wants to you come to him.

In His eyes you have always been a child of God and he is just waiting for you to open your eyes. He wants to see your new life in Christ and for everyone you meet to see your new life in Christ.

So what are you waiting for? Your new life in Christ is just a prayer away. Get going, God misses you!


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