Why we need god in our lives?


Growing up I was the “why” kid. Yes… that kid. The kid that always questioned everything and if the given answer was “just because” then I would continue to ask why.

We’ve all known those people that are never satisfied with the simple answer. They want to know the how, what and why of how EVERYTHING works.

So, when someone like the kid I was asks “why we need God in our lives” it can be difficult to answer. Most people don’t know why we need God in our lives, they just know.

 We Need Grace

The first thing to realize is that His grace is what saves us every day. Without the grace of God we would be overcome by the darkness inside us and around us. We need God in our lives on that simple reasoning:

We need God’s grace to grow. We need God’s grace to love. We need God’s grace to survive.

In her blog “Starting With God”, Ney Bailey talks about the difference between God’s law (or commandments) and a relationship with God. Her analogy says that God’s law is like a mirror and in looking into it we see a smudge of dirt across our face. This mirror allowed us to look at the smudge across our face, similarly to how God’s law lets us view the shortcomings in our lives. It’s there and we can’t change it, but we’re glad we saw it.

This is what God’s grace is, being able to know what your shortcomings are and bringing them to God through a relationship with him.

We Need Strength

Why we need God in our lives is so that we can bring our failures, our problems and our difficulties to Him. His grace will make us strong.

Psalm 138:3 reminds us that when we call out to God, He gives us strength and makes us bold with courage.

This Psalm is the answer to the “why kid” I grew up as (and still am today). This is why we need God in our lives.

And, if you are anything like me, you would further ask how having God in our lives affects who I am.

How God Affects Our Lives

1 Corinthians 15:10 is simple. It states that the grace of God is what allows us to be what and who we are. It says that everything and anything we do is not us, but God.

There you have it, God’s grace allows you to be who you are and accept that God will work through you.

 So Why Do We Need God?

Why we need God in our lives is to be who we are and to show God’s grace and love to others through our words, actions and love.

Without God’s grace we would be lost in the consuming darkness inside of us and would not have a way to find the Light to live by.

We need God in our lives because we need His grace.

Say your mind, what do you think?



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