Why Is It Important To Go To Church?

Going to Church

Some people would argue, why is it important to go to Church when they can pray at home? Yes, that is correct, anyone can pray at home, but understanding the primary role of the Church is vital to your growing in faith. (Acts 2:42) Expresses the character statement of the Church. Additionally, this verse gives out the activities of the church as observing the Lord’s Supper, teaching Biblical laws, praying, and finally providing a place of worship for the believers.

For we to be grounded in our faith, the church must educate on the Biblical laws. (Ephesians 1:14)”At that point we will never again be newborn children, hurled forward and backwards by the waves, and passed up each wind of instructing and by the cunning of men in their misleading plotting.”

The church is a place of worship, where the believers devote themselves to God. Besides honoring Him in one way or the other (see Romans 12:10), encourage each other (1st Thessalonians 5:11), (Romans 15:14), teach each other, lastly (1st John 3:11), cherish each other.

Along these lines, what is the purpose of the Church? Messenger Paul gave out an incredible description to Christians in Corinth. That Church is God’s hands, feet, and mouth in the whole world. Christian are to duplicate what Jesus did and would if He was physically on earth. In the interim, the congregation is to be Christ-like, Christian, we the believers taking after Christ.

The Bible says we Christian should go to Church with other devotees and be taught God’s Word for our spiritual nourishment. When we look at the early church, they fully devoted themselves to the disciple’s fellowship and teachings, to the prayer and breaking of the bread. (See Acts 2:42).  Christians should simply follow that example and do the same things as the apostles did. Besides, they had no buildings but instead met daily in the temple courts. Additionally, they ate together and broke the bread with sincere and glad hearts (see Acts 2:46). In this way, at whatever point any meeting takes place, Christians ought to thrive with partnership together with different Christians, engaging in the teachings of the Lord.

Going to the church is not only the best alternative; it is the will of God for all Christians. In (Hebrews 10:25) “Never give up meeting together, as some people do. As one in Christ, we should never cease encouraging each other as the day of the Lord is drawing nearer”. Moreover, in the early Church, some fell into the wrong practices of not meeting different habits. Then, as indicated by the author of Hebrews, this is not the best choice to take as a Christian. Being a devotees require that the congregation participate passionately. However, when we think about the methodology of the end time, this ought to effectively provoke us to go to the church.

It is only the church where the believers can encourage each other (Read Hebrews 3:13). Serve one another entirely (Galatians 5:13), be compassionate, and kind to each other (Ephesians 4:32), love one another (1st John 4:12), instruct each other (Romans 15:14), and finally sour each other towards their real work (Hebrews 10:24).(1st Corinthians 12:27) Says that if a person believes in Jesus for salvation, then he or she is naturally made a member of Christ body. For the church to carry out its duty correctly, the “body parts” must be available and working (see 1st Corinthians 12:14-20). It is not adequate for one just to attend the church; we should fully involve ourselves in some ministry to the others, using the God-given spiritual gifts, as well as the encouragement and assistance of the other devotees (1st Corinthians 12:21-26).

Consequently, congregation participation, interest, and association ought to be normal parts of Christian’s life. One doesn’t require sense to attend church week after week, for believers, someone who wants to get close to Christ ought to have a longing to love God, get His Word, and associate with different devotees.

As a result, congregation participation, partnership, and attendance ought to be lifestyle of each Christian’s life. Also, one who have the desire to worship God should not only look at the weekly attendance of the church but also receive the word of God and fellowship together with other believers.

The cornerstone of the Church is Jesus (1st Peter 2:6), gives out bright illustrations about the living stones that are used in the building of the spiritual house, and offering sacrifices acceptable to God through the Messiah (1st Peter 2:5).

Finally, as a Catholic going to church has special meaning in that, you’ve the moment to adore God, Church environment makes you feel the presence of Jesus and most joy of all, celebrating the Eucharist with other attendees. It’s an act of expressing true love of Jesus Christ. It’s about Faith and Love. The Body of Christ is faith, and the Blood of Christ is love. Therefore, to take Communion is very much worthy to go to church.


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