The history of Christianity – Did you know this?

The history of christianity

The history of Christianity is well documented in the New Testament and teaching of Jesus well described in the Four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Today, there are different types and forms of Christianity with different beliefs and practice. The three major once are Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestantism, and their subcategories within each of them.

Start of the Faith

Christianity is said to have begun two thousand years back in Judea the present Israel with Jesus and his disciples. During this time, Judea was a simple place growing into an urban area. The Roman emperor was the ruler, besides all the Jews had to follow the Roman rule. The Jewish did not find it easy to follow the Roman law and their way of worship. Nevertheless, all the Jews had to adhere to the Roman standards and way of doing things. Some Jews found it difficult to accept the Roman law. Hence, some resisted against the Roman states. Meanwhile, some Jews despite the Roman law they still pulled themselves back into the Judean wilderness and followed their own Jewish ruled, as they waited for the coming of Messiah.

The Arrival of Jesus Christ

The history of Christian faith started with Jesus. Besides Jesus was a Jew, who fully followed the Jewish Law. With the religious and social background, Jesus taught in synagogues and healed many people, and travelled from place to place, in his mid-thirties. Additionally, Jesus tested all the religious powers to repent from hypocrisy and self-loving more than what the God Kingdom says.  Jesus teaching touched the hearts of many people, something that most religious leaders in Jewish were running away from. Some believers started to follow Jesus and call him Rabbi meaning a teacher. These believers, later on, came to be the disciples. Jesu taught his disciples about the will of God and the new covenant He had for humankind. Sin made man to run away from God; the new covenant was to bond man back to his creator again. At last, Jesus would be the one to pay for all these sins through execution on the cross. Finally, he would ascend to life after three days offering hope to the sad world.

All the things that Jesus taught came to pass, and his disciples were the witness. Jesu of Nazareth died and after three days He rose again to be their Messiah. The disciples gave the message all over the world. The gospel according to (John 3:16). From a minuscule group in Judea, two thousand years’ prior, the confidence of Christianity has since spread all over the world.

The foretold by Prophecy

The New Testament contains many historical records for the beginning of Christian faith. The history of Christianity began with several prophecies in the Old Testament books. Additionally, more than three hundred prophecies that range more than 1000 years in old Testament talk about the Messiah. Therefore, Jesus came to fulfil all these Messianic prophecies. Therefore, even before Jesus came to earth, His role had been known to humankind through God’s Words.

The Faith Based on Historical Fact

Do people ask if the historical background of Christianity happened? Many people today may say that the event never occurred. Meanwhile, the history of Christianity is complex and portrayal. In case Jesus died and never rose again after three days as per scripture, then people can say Christianity is a myth. Therefore, Apostle Paul urges his readers to hold the truth about Christianity strongly (Read 1st Corinthians 15:14)

The Early Creed

The only confidence of believers entirely depends on in the restoration of Jesus Christ. Before New Testament was written, the early Christian had declared their faith in Jesus death and coming back to life after three days. Therefore, these words are also incorporated in the creed, and Apostle Paul introduced the Christian conventions (Read1st Corinthian 15:3-8)

The Importance of the Early Record for the Creed

It was once suspected that the New Testament were written one hundred years after Jesus came to the earth. Meanwhile, this reference is critical because many theologian scholars based their research on the books of Paul, and his journey to Jerusalem and Damascus, this is thirty-five years after the death of Messiah. Therefore, the researchers too still hold the Christian faith in confidence. Hence, the greatest contention against Christian is the restoration of Jesus being portrayed as a myth that came up after Jesus death.

Jesus Christ and His Resurrection

The establishment of Christian Faith is Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection. Apostle Paul puts this clear on (1st Corinthians 15:14-17) addressing the people of Corinth. Finally, Gospel is all about following what Jesus did, and cherishing Him with one’s whole heart and soul. So you now know the history of Christian faith. Do comment below on your thought and opinion.


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