The history of the Catholic Church – From the Apostle age and the role of Mary

The History of the Catholic Church


The Romans contends that the beginning of the Roman Catholic Church is death, ascension, and resurrection of Messiah in AD 30. According to the Church, Jesus died for it, Roman Catholic was built and established by the disciples. Is this the actual origin of Catholic Church?

The New Testament reveals that the Roman Catholic Church does not have its beginning in Jesus and apostle’s teachings. Nevertheless, if the source of the Roman Catholic Church is not available in Jesus or His disciples, as written in New Testament, then what is the relevant source of this church?

The Apostle and Fathers Church (AD 5o-6oo)

The initial growth of Christianity was in the first century, among the poor, due to the heroic missionary efforts. The gospel was proclaimed by preaching and the word of mouth. Therefore, Christianity a slight offshoot of the Judaism, persecuted by Emperors Domitian and Nero, who suspected the Christian way of life, therefore, accused Christians of atheism. Meanwhile, the sixth century marks the end of fathers of the Catholic Church. Also the era of the great Christian theologian of the first century. The West and East have wholly preoccupied with converting the conquerors of the Roman Empire, and the new political order. Additionally, the Christian culture preservation and the high origin of missionary outreach was founded in AD 529 by Saint Benedict.

The Middle Ages Church (AD 600-1300)

Pope Gregory, I launched outstanding missionary work in the seventh century that resulted in the conversion of the Benedictine monks and Saint Augustine of Canterbury. Conversely, Monothelitism was condemned by the third council of the Constantinople AD 680- 681.

Reformation, Late Middle Ages, and Counter- Reformation (AD 1300-1650)

The Roman Catholic Church faced much difficulty during the Late Middle Ages of the years 1300-1500. For the Popes to escape the political pressure in Italy, they were forced to reside in France a placed called Avignon for seventy years that is 1305-1376. Saint Catherine of Siena and Saint Bridget of Sweden prophetic voices urged for reform, therefore, Popes had to come back to Rome. After that, a serious problem occurred, additionally: The Great Schism in which two men and later on three claimed to be the legitimate Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Therefore, all the papacy influence was completely damaged. Besides, Czech John and John Wycliffe both of England has challenged the Church teaching authority.

The Catholic Church and the modern world (AD 1650-1900)

The modern era in Catholic Church is the period from 1650 onwards. It is distinguished by the emergence of technology and much science. Hence, a new philosophy based on reason (thought, later on, includes a full range of the human experience), this is the demise of the divine freedom of kings to increase exclusion of religion and rule from the public life of the society

The French Revolution revealed the weaken status of the Catholic Church, which went further as abolishing Christianity and establishing a religion of reason and later the supreme cult. In contrast, this shocked western civilization, therefore, took a stronger stance on the start of the nineteenth century.

Condition of Catholic Church in the twentieth century (AD 1900-1963)

Rapid change in science and technology was experienced in the twentieth century. The man had not still grown in morality and wisdom in spite all these advancements. Also, this is the time that many people were killed in the warfare, and the entire world stood on the brink of the nuclear holocaust. Several ideologies competed for allegiance with people and divided the whole world: wealthy nations against underdeveloped nations; Nazism and Fascism against democracy; capitalism against communism. In the Western world, Christianity was sapped by secular materialism and humanism. Meanwhile, faith in the East was suppressed by communism. Where the sins abound, the God’s grace abounds even more (Refer to Romans 5:20).

Pope Benedict XVI Second Vatican Council

A memorial event for the Catholic Church was witnessed in 1962-1965 (The Second Vatican Council), defining its relationship and itself to the world. To renew the Church and to update (aggiornamento), Pope John XXIII had to call the council, still maintaining its continuity and obvious truth with the past. Additionally, the role and importance of Pope were emphasised by the First Vatican Council, and this was completed by the Second Vatican Council by further defining the role of religious leaders as well as the laypeople. All these are cleared set in the Dogmatic Constitution of Catholic Church by giving an overall understanding and providing the basis of the Church as a mystery and as people of God.

The role of Mary and the history of the Catholic Church.

From the above historical events of the Catholic Church that is marked by several renewals all brought about by God’s Holy Spirit. Jesus promised to remain with the church until the end in spite of struggle and decline (Refer Matthew 28:20) this is indicated by the continual surges of renewal and reform that have followed a lot difficulty. The Catholic Church history is full of great heroic people and saints who have boldly witnessed to their faith in Christ, often with their lives. As a powerful intercessor, Mary still continues to have a maternal care for the Church.

It can be argued that, the history of the Catholic Church cannot be separated from the apostle. As they were the once who continued the work of Jesus after his death. The apostle spread the gospel, they provided the beginning of early Christianity thus paving the way for Catholicism.

Despite the confusion and division the Catholic Church went through throughout its history, the church is still growing and remains the biggest Christian church on earth.

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