eBook-What The Bible Says About Anointing Oil


Answer to life deepest question – Essential oil for healing and wellness.

In the biblical times, essential oil extends to every aspect of our being;Essential oil for healing and wellness

  • Physical healing
  • Mental clearing
  • Emotional release
  • Spiritual uplifting
  • Prevention of disease
  • And so much much more

The ancient people of the holy land understands the benefits of essential oil for every purpose. For maintaining wellness, physical healing, enhancement of spiritual states in worship, emotional cleansing and purification of sin..

Essential oil have vibrational energy of healing and work in Harmony with each other. Essential oil, are gift from God, they are special and they contain power from God’s word

The eBook what the bible says about anointing oil

Discusses about the different oils for different uses also discusses most of the oils mention in the scriptures. It contains information how to significantly use them to your advantage.

The source of information for this eBook is the Bible, both old and New Testament.