eBook-What The Bible Says About Anointing Oil


    Power from the word of God!

    Answer to life deepest question – Essential oil for healing and wellness.

    In the biblical times, essential oils were used in in different aspects of life such as;Essential oil for healing and wellness

    • Physical healing
    • Mental clearing
    • Emotional release
    • Spiritual uplifting/worship
    • Prevention of disease
    • Deletion of negative energies
    • Gift to the Gods
    • Purification of sin.
    • And so much much more

    The ancient people of the holy land understands the benefits of essential oil for every purpose when it comes to maintaining their being. So can you!

    The eBook what the bible says about anointing oil

    The eBook contains information of different oils, important oils
    mention in the scriptures,the uses of oils in biblical and modern times

    The source of information for this eBook is from the Bible, both old and New Testament.

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