The Different Kinds of Darkness: How do you escape the darkness?

hidden in the dark

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King Jr.


In one of Martin Luther King Jr.’s sermons he speaks about the darkness in us. He discusses the truth that light is the only thing that can make darkness go away. Similarly, love is the only thing that can make hate go away.

In thinking about this, I believe there are two different kinds of darkness in us.

The Darkness of Despair

The first one is a darkness that locks you inside of yourself. It leaves the person feeling like nothing goes right, that they’re isolated and destined for constant heartbreak. This darkness is birthed from fear and despair, and is a place that is not escaped easily, and… sadly… many people don’t know how to escape. They think this type of darkness will never end.

Darkness of Discovery

The other type of darkness is a more encouraging time. Although there are things happening inside us, or perhaps around us, this is a time for self-discovery. It is a time to find our strength, courage, and find a new (or perhaps renewed) relationship with God.

Escaping the Darkness

These different kinds of darkness have the potential to affect anyone. They also have the ability to transform. You can start in the first darkness, feeling hopeless, and then find your way to the second type of darkness.

The key to moving through the different kinds of darkness and, eventually out of the darkness all together, is finding the Light to lead you.

God is the light that will lead you through these times of trials.

John 8:12 says that Jesus is the ultimate light of the world. He tells us that if we follow him than we will not fall into either of the different kinds of darkness.

Finding God and having a relationship with Jesus is your ticket out of the different kinds of darkness that may be consuming you. The fresh start you are looking for is through a relationship with God. Seek him out and let Him know what you are going through.

He won’t turn away but instead offer His love and warmth to you.

 Words from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Looking back to the quote from Martin Luther King Jr., he says that darkness cannot make darkness go away.  The same goes for this situation. You cannot pull through the different kinds of darkness with darkness. You need to seek out the only thing that can eliminate the darkness – light. God’s light.

 Where Do You Start?

A good place to start looking for the light to pull you out of darkness is through scripture or a trusted friend who has a relationship with God. Both of these can encourage you and help you through the trials you face in the dark.

It creates a support system that will give you someone to lean on.

Armed with those allies you’ll need to find the courage and determination to beat the darkness, even when the darkness seems to consume you. Remember, if you use your support system and find the courage in yourself to keep going you will pull through.

Let God be your fuel to ignite the courage inside and keep fanning that flame until you can see the light through the darkness.


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