Catholic Faith Formation

catholic faith formation


Every catholic faithful is expected to be mature and grounded enough in the teachings of the faith in order to enrich their lives as well of the lives of people around them. Sharing the gospel within family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues, Christians as well as non-Christians, should be a fundamental and habitual practice of every catholic.

To equip catholic faithful to be confident and efficiently communicate the message of the gospel to the world, the Catholic Church coordinates sets of activities generally referred to as the Catholic Faith Formation. This program is used to address the spiritual needs and concerns of adults within any local catholic community.

Usually, information about local Catholic Faith Formation opportunities can be gotten from the Arch Diocese in any area. But dioceses also offer a wide variety of classes and programs on catholic theological, ministerial and spiritual issues. Even local catholic organisations usually teach and enlighten a lot of new faithful about the faith.

The Catholic Faith Formation provides an avenue through which new Catholics can systematically explore the core tenets of the Catholic Church and afterwards be completely initiated and enjoy the catholic way of living. Catholic Faith Formation for adults is referred to as the Adult Faith Formation. There is also a lighter version for children known as the Child Faith formation. In some parishes, there is even Family Faith Formation designed to equip parents pass knowledge about the faith to their children and help them grow together in faith as a family.

Catechists and clergy usually coordinate Catholic Faith Formation with a strong aim to build and nourish the Catholic faith in the church. They do this by using diverse initiatives beyond prayers, mass, and RCIA like studies, faith sharing groups, retreats, reflection, and several other means to guide adult faithful into living a richer spiritual life on earth.

The catholic church recognizes that though people above a certain age(for example 18 years in certain countries) are classified as adults, not all adults belong to the same generation and some adults have different circumstances from each other. To this regard, many dioceses and parishes aim to somewhat customize their Adult Faith Formation programs to address the need of all categories of adults like couples getting married, single, divorced, separated and married adults, parents, younger adults like teens and twins and older adults.

There are also several resources like books and online resources that can be used by new converts during the adult faith formation to study independently and strengthen their faith.

Every diocese and parish has its own strategy on how accomplish its goals for faithful who attend the Catholic Faith Formation and organises activities suited to their strategy. There are however general goals that are common to all parishes. These common goals include helping new faithful realizes the need to maintain an attitude of conversion and constantly seek reconciliation through the holy sacraments, continually make a decision to participate in the church and the wider Christian community by contributing their time and skills in stewardship to the Lord and embracing the duty of discipleship by sharing the message of Jesus Christ thus being the salt of the earth or the light of the world through their conduct in society.

When undergoing the Catholic Faith Formation, adult faithful will go through an intense study of the scriptures and the traditions of the Catholic Church in a vibrant learning environment which will enable them to apply what they are taught directly to their individual experiences. The clergy who coordinate the program take time to plan and deliver the content taught so that it will in turn be a rewarding experience to the participating adult faithful.

Every catholic adult’s experience during the Catholic Faith Formation process will be different. Each faithful will have an experience that will enrich them spiritually and modify their life in a specific way. Overall, every participant will gain an increased Christian experience as well as a higher consciousness to live a life pleasing to the Lord Jesus Christ in the same manner the disciples in the bible lived.

Regardless of your place in life or how far you think you have strayed away in sin before finally embracing the faith, there will be a suitable Catholic Faith Formation you would be able to fit into and grow deeper in your relationship with God.




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