The benefits and importance of the Holy Communion

The Last Supper

The Holy Communion also known as the Eucharist, the Lord’s Last Supper is considered a sacrament in most churches whilst also being a Christian rite. It was first introduced by Jesus Christ during his last supper. Being aware of his impending death, he shared a parting meal with his followers where he took ordinary wine and table bread, paid his gratitude to God, asked him to bless it and distributed it among his adored companions. Wherewith he referred to the wine as his blood and the bread as his body. Following this, the Christian community celebrate through Eucharistic celebration to honor the sacrifice of Jesus on a cross.


Whether it is the Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion or Holy Eucharist, there is nothing like this important and solemn act of worship. As part of the Christian community, the Holy Communion can be the celebration of the New Pledge of the Christians that includes the local and global fellowship of the believers. It is the string that brings all the Christians together in a common fellowship. It is the seal of God stamped on believers as an exchange to Jesus’s sacrifice. It frames an invisible and invincible blood fence of protection around them. Provides a guarantee for the eyes of God to be always be towards good on fellow Christians. It is a mark of the Coverage that is covenant, we dwell in Jesus. An introduction to Zoë Life of God is instilled into whoever partakes in the Holy Communion, bringing about a commitment to fulfill all Christian obligations and duties. Part of the positive consequences that result due to this activity is:

  • Regeneration of the Christian faith.
  • Establishment of faith in fellow Christians in their Lord.
  • A commitment to a lifestyle of sacrificial and self-denials living.
  • A resolution to spend life exemplary in accordance to what God wants.
  • An initiation to yield the Great Commission to the end of the globe.


Holy Communion is of utmost importance all around the globe. It is the act of communion and act of love with God that was instituted for mankind, to give them support and strength in their faith. The significance of this activity is demonstrated by what it actually is; the Blood and body of Jesus Christ that has been placed in an edible form for all men to participate in, whilst He left a significant part of himself for his followers to always have, for mental, spiritual and physical strength. It is extraordinary for man, as it has been honored through time and has shown miracles when the men cried in need. Holy Communion is an association between our practice of faith, connection of faith and acceptance of faith. It is fair reminder of everything he wanted the Christians to see and wanted to teach them. Whereby the Lord’s Supper served its purpose to never separate Jesus’s children from him. The importance of Holy Communion to our souls and us is endless when it comes to explanation because it is past the love a man can have for the loveliness of one’s soul and is timeless in its entirety. It is purely given to mankind so that a part of Jesus always stays with the Christians that reminds them of the necessity of the clean state of existence that this Sacrament of hope and love will give to every man’s soul. Therefore Holy Communion is way beyond a gift but it is a Communion with God that helps man to live with God forever.


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